Sharpening Services


Welcome to my “Sharpening Services” page.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I perform sharpening services for most all knives, scissors, and gardening tools, with some exceptions and expectations as discussed below.

Knives are not all made from the same steels and processes, and therefore don’t all sharpen as easily or retain their sharpness as well as others. I offer machine sharping at a $1 per blade inch for most knives. My experience is that most knives will come up to a hair-shaving sharpness, but .. there are a few exceptions.

I do “sharpen” serrated knives that have distinct serrate still remaining, but limit my service to simply removing the burr on the flat side of the knife which usually restores a keen edge to the knife; however, I am not able to resurrect a serrate that has been worn down! I charge $3.00 per knife for this service. (I do have some VERY AGGRESSIVE Friedr. Herder serrated knives for sale!)

I do sharpen folding, or “pocket” knives, too. I’ll sharpen your first one, by the “machine” process, for free! Additional folding knives are charged on the “per inch” fee schedule.

I DO NOT perform sharpening for “ceramic” blades.

I am able to sharpen scissors. If you want me to sharpen your hair cutting scissors, I send them out to a professional hair scissors sharpener with 50 years experience.

I do sharpen lawn mower blades at $5.00 per blade, but do charge more if the metal is of a very heavy gauge as this requires more work to sharpen it. Please remove the blade(s) from the mower; don’t bring me the mower!

Gardening tool Pruning Shears, Cane Knives, Machetes, Weed Whacker blades, axes, etc…, I can sharpen most any kind of tool you’ve got.

I  also sharpen some types of hedge trimmer blades, but … I ask that you the owner dis-assemble the blades from the machine for the smaller “gap” capacity trimmers. I won’t perform the dis-assembly or re-assembly. (As a suggestion, buy an additional set of blades so you’ll always have a sharp spare to place in service whilst the dull set is being sharpened.) Large commercial trimmer where the head comes off . I do most of those, without taking them apart.

Currently, I do not offer sharpening services for Drill Bits, Circular Saw blades.

As you may have noted, there ARE exceptions and expectations, so please drop in or call me for details, or if you have questions about your particular items not listed here!

I also sell the very same sharpening machines that I use here in my shop. Stop in and ask for a demo! You should be able to sharpen your own tools at your home!