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All of the knife and scissor products for sale on my website are manufactured by Friedr. Herder Abr. Sohn GmbH in Solingen Germany, and imported into the USA.

Friedr. Herder utilizes specialized high-carbon-content steels and high-carbon-content-stainless steels in their products. Many other manufacturers knives are made of high-stainless-steel-content steels, which makes their steel very hard, with factory sharp edges. However …, when the original factory sharpened edge wears down, the high-stainless-steel-contents hardness makes these products more difficult to re-sharpen! The high-carbon-content-steels in Friedr Herder products makes them a little softer, and therefore easier to re-sharpen (even by YOU, the owners! *). And, even though the steels are a little softer, the Friedr Herder knives still maintain their sharp edge as well as, or even better than many competitors. These awesome products are the culmination of years of manufacturing know-how and experience, combined with Friedr. Herders commitment to continual product improvements.

The Catalogues last page kitchen knife items were originally made in the 1800’s and are still being manufactured today!

( * I also offer sharpening tools for sale, at very reasonable prices, and will refer you to the Manufacturer instructions on how to use them. Come on in for a demonstration! YOU should be able to quickly and easily achieve sharpness similar to what I provide with my Sharpening Services.)

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Friedr. Herder has proven to be VERY responsive to requests for specialty products and is responsive to suggestions for improvements to their products, so … give us a look, check us out!

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I also perform sharpening services for all kinds of knives, scissors, and garden tools, including machetes,  pruning tools, and lawn-mower blades. Visit my “Sharpening Services” page by left-clicking on the link below for details and exceptions.

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